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Would you like to submit a testimonial? Click here! Grant on Burriss:

...ur amps &$*%in rock im 47 been playing since 15, ive played them all marshall, fender, peavey, randall, laney, rivera, orange, mesa boogie, but ur amp has that harmonic overtone that ive been looking 4, bought the BURRISS last year september 2010 and never looked back if you were looking 4 someone in AUSTRALIA TO ENDORSE Burriss amplifiers i would love 2 give it a shot, ive told lots of musos here but not enuff people av heard about them and i only no of 1 shop that sells them here...

Michael Gardner

Michael on the Boostiest:

Bob and Ira, I wanted to tell you it was nice to meet you while playing with Jeff Moseby. We both were using the BOOstiest II. I have promoted and demonstrated this usefull tool ever since. I've owned and operated a studio for over 30 years and your toolbox is the defining diference in your sound, just like mics and preamps etc. i love how the clean boost ads girth to my custom Tele. It loves Fender tones. Chords seem to be glued together, while increasing note definition. The TS circuit is blistering and even more over the top using both together. If you own a one chanel amp you'll gain 2 more channels AND over the top gain. If you have good tools there's a plan for great tone.

Michael Gardner

Rob on the Royal Bluesman:

Just wanted to let you know that the amp is a big hit in my house.  Even the wife sat up and took notice!  It's plugged into a Matchless 1x12, ZERO pedals, and I've got an Echoplex in the loop...what more can I say?  Sounds like Duane Eddy, Andy Summers, The Edge, Jimmy Page, and myself, having a hooley in the kitchen.  Marvelous!

Thanks for helping me get my jangle on.  all the best,


Mark on the Boostier Prototype:

A few weeks ago I wrote to you concerning a Boostier Prototype that I had just purchased and wanted to thank you again for all of your support. Most pedals satisfy for a short time but the Boostier Prototype has become the foundation of my tone. It is on all the time. It adds magic to every tonal situation from crystal clean to heavy saturation. Marvelous! I am very fortunate to have stumbled on to this pedal and again, thank you for your support concerning it.

Chris Christenson on the Royal Bluesman:

I met Bob at the 2011 Namm show while I was browsing the aisles for new gear for the shop. As I walked past the Burriss booth, the Royal Bluesman caught my eye. Bob Burriss introduced himself and invited me to try the amp. I did so and took one of his cards. I then checked out most of the other amps in this Genre the show had to offer. About five hours later, I returned to order this amp. I have been playing for over thirty years and this amp is truly a pleasure. Pure Tone and what a unique piece. I have since used it on all my musical outings. Bravo Bob! Thanks for the pleasant no pressure presentation. The amp sold itself.

Cheers, Chris Christenson. www.Esquiresblues.com

John Sebastian speaks on behalf of the Royal Bluesman:

Don't say Lunchbox!
Bob Burriss' Royal Bluesman sounded great with Sting, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen at Carnegie hall!

The Royal Bluesman is a Rythm Guitarists tool, you get the bloom without the smear.

Will Kimbrough on the Royal Bluesman:

The Burriss Royal Bluesman is almost too cool to be real.

18 watts all tube with tube reverb and tremolo in a stylish compact cabinet -

I love it!

Jimmy Vivino on the Royal Bluesman:

All you really need... tone and control.

Now you can practice unsafe guitar. Just plug in... nothing comes between you and your amp.

We can kick pedalboard dependancy in our lifetime with a simple 2 step program. Plug in... play!

Erick Coleman on the Royal Bluesman:

After playing for over 25 years my guitar sound has never been so great thanks to the Royal Bluesman.

It looks super cool, is easy to operate and lug around but the real charm is its tone.
Chunky and clean with just the right amount of drive.

The optional Vib+ is awesome because it also powers my pedalboard. No more batteries or clunky power supplies.
Pure genius!

Don't let the 18 watt rating fool you this amp is loud and stands up well with the bigger boys when cranked through a 4x12.

Bob Burris is the real deal.
He designs, builds, & test drives his amps drawing from his years of experience as a player to dial them in just right.

Long Live the Royal Bluesman!!

www.guitarrepairman.com Matt "The Mojo" Tedder on Burriss Amps:

Burriss amps have the best tone ever!
I love playing these amps I would recomend them to anybody who is looking for killer blues/rock sound.

Jesse on Burriss Amps:

Great amp (bts 38). Plenty of power, sounds really good. I play blues music in louisville ky. I get a lot of compliments on my tone. I play a 2007 les paul antique classic with a ocd overdrive, holy grail reverb, and a boss delay.

Thomas Lees supports the Royal Bluesman:

I gigged the RB this weekend and had a blast. I wanted that amp for tele/grit tones, which is my base tone. I have to say however, that I was caught off guard when I plugged in a humbucker guitar and let go. Brilliant. Organic tele mojo, strat spank and rock dog drive are all there with the simple addition of a tube screamer(ish) pedal and use of the volume knob.

Best regards, Tom

Brad Rice (2 years touring with Keith Urban) speaks on behalf of The Shadow:

...our monitor engineer complimented our tone the other day....saying it was the best on stage! You've been super kind and generous and I really appreciate everything!!! I've tried to spread the word as much as possible and I've had a some people write, either on myspace or at my site, and say they dug the amps and tone.

They had a case built for the tour that holds both amps, my pedalboard, and a spare Orange head (just in case)....so all Chris Miller does is roll the thing on stage, take the lid off, plug the stuff in and we're off! Same thing with loading out...I think he said it takes him all of 5 mins to have us up and rockin'! I don't plan on using any different amps...

A Brad Rice fan site made a testimonial about the sound of Brad's Shadow:

"My wife, 15yo son and I caught you with KU in Raleigh, NC in June. We were close down front and gotta say, your tone was right on !! Awesome show, you all sounded great and were having a great time, it was obvious !! I was in front of your Burris rig, you didn't seem to be using any pedals ? Those amps were beaking up just right !!"

"ah - those Burriss' sounded great - saw you on stage and thought, He is a loooong way from the Gold tour! congrats and great job"

Tim Hollen made a testimonial about the Dirty Red:

I am a big fan of the Burriss amps; I have played through all the Burriss amps the Shadow, Switch Master, db Special, Royal Bluesman, and the Dirty Red. All, which are great amps, but the one I fell in love with was the Dirty Red amp. The sound is tight and amazing from country to blues and to rock and roll. I have played through a lot of amp in my twenty years of playing the electric guitar, but this one beats them all. I would put it against any amp out there. Fender amps can't even come close to the sound of this amp, personally I think it sounds better than the DR Z amps. Just try the Dirty Red amp out and you will see what I am talking about. I will be buying this amp in a couple of months. Great job! On this amp Bob Burriss.

"Eclectifish" @ jsguitarforum writes about Burriss Shadow:

I got to meet and speak at length with Bob Burris. I played through this amp on his guitars (a Tele and an SG). The Burris is a fairly new point to point handwired boutique amp (a little over a year old) so you may not have heard of it. This amp was better than anything else I played this day (and I played a lot of amps not mentioned here). The tone was absolutely sweet and fat with tons of sustain and overtones.

Although it uses 6L6 tubes it suffers none of the typical low end flabbiness associated with Fender Tweeds amps when used with humbuckers. I absolutely loved this amp. Bob explained to me that he worked quite a bit on the final gain stage to make it very humbucker friendly, and, believe me, it is. Warm with plenty of thump, but no flab. All of the character of the guitar comes through. This is now my favorite amp and the one I'm saving toward (unfortunately, it costs about three times as much as my previous favorite amp, the Dr. Z - oh well, it will just be that much longer).

"Eclectifish" @ jsguitarforum writes about Burriss Boostiest II:

I really didn't get to put this pedal through its paces like I did the Keeley TS, but I didn't want to. I plugged in and the first tone that I dialed up was an Eric Johnson type violin tone that I could have played for days. Although Bob describes this pedal as TS-ish, I'm not so sure. I think every pedal maker these days is doing their 'take' on the Ibanez but, truth be told, they're all different.

The Burris pedal had a very creamy overdrive sound which still let plenty of the instrument's tone come through. This is different than the Keely TS which actually had a lot of the clean characteristics to it. The Burris, as I played it (and there are other settings I didn't try, to be sure) really was more of a full-on overdrive. Of course you can get a full on overdrive out of the Keeley TS, too, but to my ears it's not as pleasing a sound as the lower gain settings. The Burris, on the other hand, excels at high gain without, in any way, overwhelming the natural sound of the instrument. This pedal also has tons of headroom, allowing you to create some wonderful nuances and dynamics with the pick.

Another thing I noticed was how much a good pedal and a good amp work together... ...as did the way the Burris pedal interacted with the Burris amp.